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Simple process and workflow automation for the post-COVID world

PeakScale is a simple and powerful way to make your work digital, efficient and profitable in the post-COVID world. Automate business processes and workflows related to your teams, customers, assets and inventory.

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Trusted by Top Brands

PeakScale's Clients

Trusted by Top Brands

PeakScale's Clients
40% SOP Compliance
Intra & Inter Department


PeakScale is a must have solution for anyone managing business processes across locations / cities / countries. The product is excellent and the support is great.

Jishnu Dutta TGI Fridays Impresario

Jishnu Dutta

CEO | TGI Fridays India

15% Outlet Sales
During morning hours


PeakScale enables us to monitor our SOPs in real-time, along with easily managing compliances. The industry focus, sharing of use cases & best practices has helped us harness the power of the platform. The team is quick to support in case of any assistance required.

Harsh Gupta MOD Mad Over Donuts

Harsh Gupta

Head - Delivery

30% Time Spent
On operations control


We are easily managing 1,500+ locations and 6,000+ people on PeakScale, while spending almost 30% lesser time on operations control. It has helped us free up valuable bandwidth, while allowing us to improve customer satisfaction and win new clients.

Rushabh Vora SILA

Rushabh Vora

Co-founder & Director

How automating business processes and workflows makes your team efficient and profitable in the post-COVID world


Improves team performance

Whether you have a distributed setup, a remote setup or working from the same location, PeakScale enables your team to improve their performance and productivity by ensuring they are able to do their jobs correctly and quickly the first time round.

Design processes and workflows related to your teams, customers, assets and inventory that provide absolute clarity on what to do, and when and how to do it, and onboard your team on to PeakScale to automate those processes and workflows.


Enhances customer experience

Better customer experience = higher sales. Use PeakScale to improve quality, service and product displays to enhance customer experience and in-turn increase sales by automating processes and workflows.

Also utilize PeakScale to regularly audit on-ground implementation of quality, service and product processes and workflows, then identify improvement areas through the dashboard.


Ensures compliance & safety

Protect your business by improving adherence to compliances and safety standards. Use PeakScale to store all compliance and permit documents digitally, get reminders when compliance renewals are due, implement safety processes and workflows and conduct safety audits.


Provides real-time information

Get access to information on process and workflow implementation and failure points in real-time, wherever you are. Define alerts and escalations to address process and workflow issues immediately instead of over multiple days. Analyse data periodically to understand team performance trends and improvement areas.

Why you should automate business processes and workflows on PeakScale

PeakScale is a thoughtfully designed solution that adapts to your requirements as you grow. Whether you are looking for a simple solution for checklists, audits, forms, internal helpdesks, assets or inventory, or a complex solution with access control, geo-fencing, gallery blocking, conditionality, QR codes, barcodes, API integrations and many other features, you can do it all on PeakScale.

Specialized dashboards for various jobs + custom dashboards if required help bring out complex insights in a simple design. Timely reminders and escalations reduce unnecessary stress.

A strong focus on customer success and support ensure that we are always aligned with your success.

Automate these business processes and workflows

Quality checklist and quality audit processes and workflows
Site inspection checklist and site inspection audit processes and workflows
COVID safety checklist and COVID safety audit processes and workflows
Outlet opening checklist and outlet opening audit processes and workflows
Kitchen opening checklist and kitchen opening audit processes and workflows
Bar display checklist dessert display checklist bar display audit dessert display audit processes and workflows
Asset management processes and workflows
permits licenses management processes and workflows
pest control checklist and pest control audit processes and workflows
client onboarding checklist and client onboarding audit processes and workflows
employee onboarding checklist and employee onboarding audit processes and workflows
property onboarding checklist and property onboarding audit processes and workflows
Housekeeping checklist and housekeeping audit processes and workflows
leave request processes and workflows
purchase request processes and workflows


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