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Run a lean, efficient, profitable business by automating daily processes related to your team, customers and assets.
Trusted by Top Brands
Trusted by Top Brands
40% SOP Compliance
Intra & Inter Department
PeakScale is a must have solution for anyone managing business processes across locations / cities / countries. The product is excellent and the support is great.

Jishnu Dutta

CEO | TGI Fridays India

15% Outlet Sales
During morning hours
PeakScale enables us to monitor our SOPs in real-time, along with easily managing compliances. The industry focus, sharing of use cases & best practices has helped us harness the power of the platform. The team is quick to support in case of any assistance required.

Harsh Gupta

Head - Delivery

30% Time Spent
On operations control
We are easily managing 1,500+ locations and 6,000+ people on PeakScale, while spending almost 30% lesser time on operations control. It has helped us free up valuable bandwidth, while allowing us to improve customer satisfaction and win new clients.

Rushabh Vora

Co-founder & Director

How automating daily processes leads to a lean, efficient, profitable business

1   Improves team performance

Enable your team to improve their performance and productivity by ensuring they are able to do their jobs correctly and quickly the first time round. Design processes that provide absolute clarity on what to do, and when and how to do it, and onboard your team on to PeakScale to implement those processes.
2   Enhances customer experience

Better customer experience = higher sales. Improve quality, service and product displays to enhance customer experience and in-turn increase sales. Regularly audit on-ground implementation of quality, service and product processes using PeakScale to identify improvement areas.
3   Simplifies asset management

Reduce equipment downtime and product spoilage through timely preventive maintenance of assets such as air conditioners, refrigerators, machines and more. Use PeakScale to create asset servicing schedules and reminders, store warranty and AMC documents and raise internal tickets on faulty assets. View the entire history of an asset by simply scanning a QR code.
4   Ensures compliance & safety

Protect your business by improving adherence to compliances and safety standards. Use PeakScale to store all compliance and permit documents digitally, get reminders when compliance renewals are due, implement safety processes and conduct safety audits.
5   Provides real-time information

Get access to information on process implementation and failure points in real-time, wherever you are. Define alerts and escalations to address process issues immediately instead of over multiple days. Analyse data periodically to understand team performance trends and improvement areas.

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Slack Microsoft Tean Flock Google Calendar Google Drive One Drive Dropbox
Run a lean, efficient, profitable business
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