COVID-19 Safety Checklist For Workspaces

COVID-19 Safety Checklist For Workspaces

Our mission at PeakScale is to help businesses resume operations as soon as possible post the ongoing crisis and lockdown. Things won’t be the same though – demonstration of safety protocols and hygiene measures will be uppermost on both employee and customer minds.

To help businesses of all kinds navigate this adjustment, see below our free COVID Safety Checklist for Workspaces – put it to use and let us know what you think!




Entry Process

"No Mask - No Entry" - Strict implementation for everyone - employees/ visitors/ suppliers etc. Issue disposable mask if someone turns up without mask.

Thermal screening at all entry points. No entry for high temperature > 100°F /other COVID-19 symptoms person. Record all such cases.

Proper PPE (masks + gloves) worn by security, reception and housekeeping staff.

Only pre-registered visitors allowed beyond the reception.

Ensure contactless delivery implemented at the reception.

Availability of hand sanitisers / hand wash at all entry points (use of touch-free mechanism wherever possible).

Routine Sanitisation

Cleaning of workstations, meeting rooms, cafeteria, tables, chairs, vending machines, garbage bins and restrooms with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

Sanitisation of highly exposed areas like lifts, lift buttons, door knobs / handles with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution; use 70% alcohol based sanitiser where Sodium hypochlorite is not suitable.

Cleaning of electronic equipment such as telephone, desktop, keyboards and biometric machines with 70% alcohol based sanitiser & linen / absorbable cloth.

Cleaning of cafeteria items – utensils and crockeries - with a lime based liquid soap & hot water.

Cleaning of reusable PPE / cleaning gear with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite and hot water immediately after each use.

Garbage bins within premises are closed with lids.

Garbage bins emptied in a secure and closed disposal area.

Precautionary Measures

Social distancing within office premises - alternate seating (minimum 6 feet distance) arrangement being followed at workstations / meeting rooms, cafeterias, break rooms and reception lobby.

Social distancing within restrooms - use of alternate urinals.

Everyone within the premises is wearing a mask except while eating or drinking (eating / drinking allowed only in designated areas).

Availability of hand sanitisers / hand wash on all tables, rooms and restrooms (use of touch-free mechanism wherever possible).

All fingerprint biometric access doors are kept open during operating hours.